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live well locally

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South West Edinburgh 20 Minute Neighbourhoods

live well locally

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About South West Edinburgh 20 Minute Neighbourhoods

Inspiring Change

SW20 is a group of local people who came together to discuss how we can make our community better. As residents, parents, professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, we shared a common interest in wanting to ensure we can live well locally.

We came together because we knew we’d be able to make more of a difference together than individually. We want to support local businesses, public services, schools and green spaces to be accessed in a more sustainable way.

This ‘20 minute neighbourhood’ is where residents can access what they need with a short, under 20 minute, journey, by walking, wheeling or scooting. We know this concept isn’t new and that the benefits are far reaching by supporting the health, wellbeing, safety of our residents regardless of age, disability or socio-economic status. We also want to encourage investment in our local businesses and by making small changes to improve our environment.

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